Location: Metro Detroit

Safety and Compliance Lab Director

Lab Director:
Seeking a highly experienced lab director to run Cannabis lab in metro Detroit. Must have PhD in Science and abundant business knowledge.

Salary and Benefits:
$175K, with full benefits. Stock options and retirement package offered.

•Oversee daily lab operations
•Validate new lab developed tests and complete technical assessments of new technologies
•Develop standard operating procedures
•Prepare lab for ISO 17025 accreditation
•Develop and monitor quality assurance program, select appropriate external proficiency testing (PT) programs, and determine actions to be taken from PT results
•Assess technical staff training and continuing education needs to evaluate the competency of laboratory personnel
•Oversee all aspects of technology development and implementation of tests in the laboratory, including evaluation of new procedures, test performance, specimen requirements, equipment requirements, test reagent requirements, control requirements
•Develop quality control procedures to ensure reproducibility and accuracy of all test results; identify limitations of the test employed in the lab
•Approve all technical procedures, validate and approve any necessary changes in technical procedures; and monitor clinical data for ongoing evaluation of the utility of test results.