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We know our clients have growing pains, but personnel management shouldn’t be one of them. Let Virid cure and prevent your Human Resource headache, freeing your time and energy for the greener things in life.

Virid is Michigan’s best option when considering a company to handle all Cannabis related training, staffing, and logistics needs.

We custom create plans specifically designed to tackle our clients’ most challenging HR and logistics related issues. We’ll do everything from recruitment to training to placement to administering payroll and benefits. Discover how Virid can cure your HR ailments today!

Greener Things to Come

Virid provides our employees with first-class training for the cannabis industry. Trainees will learn from knowledgeable instructors currently working in specialized fields. Upon completion, graduates receive a valuable certification they can use to gain meaningful employment in the Cannabis industry.

We offer a wide range of positions for provisioning centers, licensed commercial grow operations, processing centers, secure transporters, safety compliance testing and logistics.

These jobs range from part-time to full-time, seasonal to permanent. Once placed through Virid, employees are paid weekly and receive numerous benefits after 90 days of full employment. Contact us today to see how much greener things can be with Virid!

Cannabis Industry Training & Certification

Virid Group is happy to announce we are offering a Cannabis 101 Course and Certification that is designed to teach students the necessary basic skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in any segment of the booming Michigan Cannabis industry.

This course is designed to work as a great foundation for an employee that has never worked with cannabis before or as a refresher for those that have more experience with cannabis.

We will discuss topics such as:

  • The History of Marijuana
  • Cannabis Species
  • Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant
  • The Stages of Cannabis Development
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Terpenes and Cannabinoids
  • Michigan Laws and Regulations Regarding Cannabis
  • And Much More

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